Step by step instructions to find blog opportunities for guests

Step by step instructions to find blog opportunities for guests

Visitor blogs, as an SEO strategy, have long been considered an expensive and slow task. It has also been considered one of the safest and most used "blanket" techniques in the SEO weapons arsenal, but in recent years it has been largely neglected later. Like most SEOs, they have been looking for increasingly incredible (although progressively dangerous) strategies.

Anyway, with the launch of Google Penguin, everything has changed. The administration of visitor blogs is popping up everywhere (even here in because the company is beginning to understand that visitor blogs, as a third-party referral strategy, are one of the few places of refuge that remain after Penguin has erased many of the most expensive and expensive strategies that SEO depended on in the last period for some time.

As a new friend in the SEO industry, visitor blog awareness is growing exponentially. Anyway, while many SEOs have discovered the benefits of visitor blogs a few seconds ago, many still do not know how, precisely, how to do it.

There are many amazing web-based assistants that offer data on visitor blogs. However, I have not had the opportunity to discover those who really delve into the most problematic part of visitor blogs: find the sites to publish. . This guide is intended to make a thorough and well organized walk on how to discover visitors' blog openings. In addition, I show how to do it using one of my favorite web display devices: Scrapebox.

Scrapebox is one of the few web advertising devices that I use once a day and is used only for moral and white purposes.

What will you need:

Scrapebox (download it here for a one-time fee of $ 57. Absolutely justified, despite all the problems).

Private intermediaries (get them from Proxybonanza for a small fee, I suggest going to the "Bonanza" package of the "Selective Proxies" segment). Note: This Proxybonanza connection is a member interface. I would really recognize if you would buy through my connection!

How will we use Scrapebox to find blogging opportunities for guests?

Scrapebox will execute several search questions at the same time on Google and Bing, naturally compile each result and allow us to control, increase and share information.

For example, suppose you need to find a good visitor who is blogging about canine epilepsy on your site. To find different sites that rank well for the term (and comparable terms) that can be excellent approaches to posting a visitor's blog, you must search the 100 main elements in the list for the corresponding query questions. :

Dog convulsions

Canine epilepsy

Canine convulsions

Seizures in dogs

Without Scrapebox, you must physically play in each of these companies (through, physically navigate through each of the first 10 pages and duplicate / paste each URL into a spreadsheet for further development. This procedure would really take you 60 minutes in any case.

With Scrapebox, it provides research questions, develops searches, collects the URLs of the 100 best results and provides them in an Excel spreadsheet. In addition, you can use Scrapebox to naturally discover the PageRank of the space of each query item, allowing you to examine low RP areas without having to physically visit them. Scrapebox also offers groups of other filtering options, for example, the ability to ignore the results of areas that could never recognize a visitor's blog, for example,,, etc. Most of the above procedures can be achieved without stretching too much in less than 60 seconds.

Are you ready to develop your ability to prospect connections at an unprecedented level? What if we started?

Step 1: Load your intermediaries in Scrapebox

After obtaining your intermediaries, upload them to a .txt registry of your work area in the attached configuration:

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