Spam links: Definitive guide to find and correct toxic links to improve SEO

Spam links: Definitive guide to find and correct toxic links to improve SEO

Chapter by chapter guide

+ Introduction - What are spam links?

+ How spam links can damage SEO rankings

+ How to eliminate toxic backlinks

+ Other spam backlink verifiers

+ Conclusion

Foreword by Spammy Links

Anyone who has dealt with third-party references for SEO in recent years can let you know the biggest and most important concern of the methodology: being punished for posting nasty connections. The time of the evaluation of the connection based on the quantity has been totally left due to the corrections in the calculation of the Google center. The Internet search giant could now effectively say if its connection is assembled "normally", with the aim of generating an incentive for web clients, or "unnaturally", with the sole objective of expanding its position.

What are spam backlinks?

SPAM is as old as the Internet itself, so the vast majority will understand what it is, in any case in general, just by hearing the word on stage. In any case, not all people are so smart on the Internet, which is why it is imperative to accurately characterize what a SPAM backlink is. To be brief, SPAM backlinks resemble insects in the place where your advanced puppy is kept (or analogously analyzed, the puppy is your site, or to be sure). They take without giving anything accordingly, and are a notable nuisance to anyone tormented by them.

SPAM backlinks are usually shown as comments to blog posts, replies to discussion strings, etc. The guilty SPAM, which, by coincidence, is simply one more method for saying "junk", will contain a backlink. The backlinks are similar to bread crumbs or a sign that indicates from one place in another place (most often the spammer's own site or its affiliates. The purpose of these things is usually related to money, but can change.For example, SPAM backlinks can similarly be done in the interest of the site itself without the information or consent of the owners or directors.Anywhere they point to, these SPAM connections will treasure site assets , will damage the credibility of your site (nobody likes to read garbage created by the machine)!), and largely a lot of unwanted maintenance / cleaning brain pains for the influenced.

To top it off, if your site gets a notoriety with Google for allowing, advancing, producing or, in general, captivating in SPAM-based exercises, you can simply choose to remove the list from your site, which is an extravagant method to say "Now you see it, now you don't see it. " Unregistered sites can devastate long periods of diligent work in a millisecond.

Not all connections are equivalent, whatever. Some backlinks link the positive positioning juice, others transmit the negative positioning juice and Google ignores others. The dangerous backlinks will be backlinks that damage the improvement of the site design (SEO) or the ability to position well in a Google search. Paid connections, connections obtained from connection plans, hagged interface systems and pornography connections, games or payday credit destinations are considered lethal.

Contrast between high and low quality backlinks

Surprisingly, not all backlinks are equivalent. Fantastic backlinks are very important, as they expand your notoriety, improve your specialist's area and, finally, expand your perceptibility in Google. Be that as it may, low-quality backlinks can really affect your SEO, reducing its power and acquiring manual penalties that can really negotiate your incoming traffic.

Knowing the contrast between high and low quality backlinks is essential in case you need your SEO crusade to succeed.

Low quality links


Low quality backlinks can damage your notoriety with Google and negotiate your perceptibility in missions.

Common source

The source you use to make your backlink is the clearest marker of its quality. In case of doubt, the smaller the nature of the site, the lower the nature of the connection. Post a connection to an unpleasant, positioning site

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