Portable SEO – The Ultimate Guide for Improving Your Site for Mobile Search

Portable SEO: the ultimate guide to improve your site for mobile search

List of chapters by chapters

+ Introduction to mobile SEO

+ Why Mobile Friendly is not enough for a great mobile experience

+ Differences between mobile and desktop SEO

+ You are losing money in case you are not optimized for mobile devices

+ Why are Flash Mobile sites bad for SEO?

+ Bigger myths in mobile SEO

+ WordPress plugins for a mobile-friendly website

+ How to increase the speed of the mobile site

+ Optimization and indexing of mobile applications

+ Conclusion

Introduction to mobile SEO

There have been several confusions and misleading statements circulating about versatile rationalization, usually as radical reactions to significant statements from technology organizations such as Google, and a frenzy that is set in gratitude for the growing patterns of portable use in most statistical fragments. Fortunately, when you get it, portable enhancement is generally simple and your site can be free. After all, there is a continuous segment for versatile improvement: stab a fault that can never be achieved, so in each case there is more to find out about the procedure.

What is versatile improvement?

This is the most direct meaning of the portable improvement that you are at risk of discovering on the Internet: the versatile improvement is changing your website to be as useful and advantageous as possible for customers using cell phones. Ten years ago, cell phones did not exist (or possibly were not prominent), so most of the premises were explicitly structured for work area screens. Versatile screens, similar to cell phones, offer a set of unique components that planned work areas cannot address:

Smaller screen sizes make it harder to see full-size pages, especially when it comes to reviewing images and reading the content carefully.

Finger-based associations make precision captures at work area destinations difficult to monitor.

The decent variety of accessible devices makes it difficult to show a general layout.

The similarity of portable programs is not general, and a wide range of codes does not appear for all programs.

The efforts of portable rationalization to solve each of these problems.

Why improve for versatile?

You can ask for the advantages of versatile rationalization. After all, a large part of your customer base is still coming to your site through work area gadgets, and even people who are not can get most similar encounters even in the non-variant Advanced of your site. It's not like that?

Think about these advantages of versatile improvement before ignoring the technique inside and out:

Search engine optimization. Google (and other web crawlers) are strong supporters of versatile "perfect" encounters. They need every online website to be "acceptable laptop," and they are making a move to launch it by punishing places that are not up to date for versatile and rewarding destinations that are. Simply updating your site to be portable, you will gain higher positions in the elements of the Google list, which will generate more traffic to your site. In the same way, you will get a small identification by the name of your site, telling customers that your site is surely a portable neighbor:

benevolent portable site

(Image source: Google)

Customer experience. Some customers will arrive at your site through the work area, but the impressions that portable customers get from a site are significant. In the event that a guest for the first time on a cell phone sees that his substance does not stack properly or has a bad encounter, he may not return. In fact, even firm clients who do not have an extraordinary versatile encounter could leave it as a contestant who can offer that encounter. Both his loyalty and the notoriety of his image are at stake here.

Increase in importance. These advantages are phenomenal today, however, what you really should consider is their future value. Cell phones and versatile web reading are ready to flood drastically over the following years. The more you pause, the more advantages you will miss and the more unfortunate position you will have in the coming years.

What if we investigate the variables that shape meetings with portable customers and how they identify with a

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