External SEO: improve your SEO ranking with these external SEO tactics

External SEO: improve your SEO ranking with these external SEO tactics

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+ Introduction

+ Main SEO factors offsite

+ Off-site issues that affect SEO rankings

+ Critical considerations for off-site content and links to search rankings

+ Off-site strategies to improve conversion rates

+ Conclusion

The presentation

Stop and think for a moment: nobody really realizes the exact recipe used by Google to position the sites, and nobody knows exactly how the destinations of the different phrases are located. Google has established some rules of life and, by experimentation, advanced SEO has revealed some components to update a site for queries.

Main factors of off-site SEO

What would happen if we analyzed six of the most important SEO factors outside the site you should constantly focus on, in light of the standards by which Google and other web indexes need us to play the SEO game?


Backlinks are one of the SEO establishments. Backlinks are external connections that indicate your site. In the end, they are unions of other people's sites. The connection of individuals with their substance since they have observed that this is significant and valuable.

However, you can also create backlinks by publishing content that connects to your site through life profiles and web-based catalogs.

Today, the most notable and dominant approaches to create backlinks are to publish visitor publications in other high-value web magazines.

Similarly, in case you need to attract large amounts of high quality backlinks to your site, you will inevitably return: you must create an intriguing, supportive and applicable substance that dynamic people in your field need. to connect, and you have to. under a predictable and constant principle.

It is a definitive guarantee that the connections around your site will be normal.

Quality, quality and quality

Re-logging in from the locale with a larger pagerank than yours will help create your own pagerank.

In any case, you should be careful when choosing the destinations to log in again. Before Google made a notable update in its calculation, the amount appeared to be the dominant variable behind the off-site effective SEO procedure. Today, quality triumphs over quantity.

The quality of backlinking requires connections from relevant and highly specialized sites. You must create unions of destinations with great notoriety and, in a perfect world, they will only refer to your specialty.


The more relevant the site from which you connect, the better. Creating backlinks from home renovation destinations has few benefits if you work on the device and in the device industry.


Don't just log in from a source or type of site. Log in again from any number of different types, as might be expected in the circumstances. Join the web magazine, industry archives, article catalogs, debates and properties of life on the web.

The more it develops, the more it attracts many leading sources. This will increase your chances of getting a positive positioning on Google.

Rhythm normally

Establishing a few hundred connections to another site in a few days is a disaster waiting for that to happen. This generates warnings and can be considered unnatural. Keep the characteristic procedure structured by a few connections with the usual rhythm; say, two to five for each business day.

Stay written

This is where Google Penguin caused the explosion of many destinations. Previously, the standard was that SEO wrote very accurately about the permanence of coincidences.

Today, the penguin needs to see varieties or will pay a colossal cost and will see a critical drop in rankings and traffic.

At this time, you can use careful writings about the permanence of coincidences, but keep them to a minimum. Use related terms for varieties.

External problems that may affect the classification

Almost all methodologies under the auspices of SEO can be gold

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