50 reasons why landing pages don't work and how to optimize them

In the event that you have a presentation page set up and have seen that your exchange rate is not developing, or that your group of viewers are not taking advantage of your substance, it is very possible that you confuse and disappoint. This is particularly the situation, since the arrival points are influenced by many autonomous factors.

So how would you say you should explain why your arrival point does not work?

In this guide, I present 50 possible reasons why your arrival point does not work, with answers for each.

Why landing pages are important

In case the arrival points are so confused in any case, why use them?

The arrival points give goals. Regardless of the type of promotion and advertising you are looking for, your customers need a place to go. The greeting pages give that perfect goal.

They are a point of convergence for transformation. The arrival points offer you the opportunity to face your clients with an opportunity for transformation, expanding your potential income or the potential estimate of the client.

They take into account the division. Since the arrival points are discrete of your site, you can also use them to fragment your socio-economic objectives and take them into account exclusively.

So, with each of these focal points, why is your presentation page not seeing better results?

Why don't you get more conversions

What if we investigate:

1. You have not estimated anything.

To begin, ask yourself how you are ready to decide the compliance of your greeting page. Is it correct to say that you are going through a premonition? Is it safe to say that you are simply seeing that nobody has completed your contact structure? In the event that you are not estimating further internal and external measurements, for example, how many people visit your arrival point or what your license fee will be dazzled by the genuine factors in charge of your exposure. This is reprehensible, especially since there are a lot of free devices, similar to Google Analytics, available. If you have not been estimating and examining your progress, start quickly: you will need those numbers to assess how convincing your recovery systems are.

2. It is not stacking properly.

Try not to laugh at this. You would be surprised and humiliated to discover how many people scratch their heads why more people do not change when their pages do not stack properly in any case. Fortunately, this is easy to recognize and solve. In case you are looking for the least demanding way, try visiting their presentation page using the same number of different devices and programs that you can consider. Is it stacking up? Are all your photos perceptible? Is your structure simple to see? You can use an instrument like BrowserStack to help test this. Anything else, be sure to look at Google Search Console, which lets you know if your site is down and help you track the reason.

3. It is not seen effectively on cell phones.

Versatile improvement is a basic element for your point of arrival, as is your main site, since most of the traffic, for some organizations, now originates from cell phones. Since the point of arrival designs are particularly delicate to coordinate the eyes and communications of customers, it is essential that your page look attractive and explicitly connect to cell phones. Is most of its substance effectively noticeable? Is all your content understandable? Are your captures easy to discover and click without zooming? Are you ready to move effectively? Otherwise, you may want to reevaluate your plan to take these portable customers into account. Again, BrowserStack can help analyze the problems here.

4. Captures or structure fields do not work correctly.

Its web structure is the star of its arrival point; If it does not work properly, your guests will not continue with the change. Run several tests on different programs and devices to make sure your utility is instinctive and responsive; For example, is it simple to click on a structure field? Do you proactively warn your guests when they have not completed a mandatory field? Are your captures easy to click? Are your drop-down menus loaded quickly and effectively? Any deviation here could be a reason to deliver your arrival point, so don't take a chance.

5. You are not focusing on a specialized crowd.

Who, explicitly, would say that you are focusing with your point of arrival? In case you don't have a

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