SEO Ranking Factors For 2014


Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is of making and distributing relevant and valuable content to draw in, acquire, and interact a clearly outlined and understood target market  with the target of driving profitable client action.

Content marketing’s purpose is to draw in and retain customers by systematically making and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of fixing or enhancing client behavior.

 Benefits of a content strategy:

  1. Regular, useful content targeted at your audience.
  2. Social signals from regular sharing and engagement.
  3. Freshness or signs that your website is live and growing.   

latest seo updates
SEO latest updates

Social Media Plays Vital Role

Social media has been a significant player within the digital selling landscape for the previous few years. First we tend to saw the increase of  social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Within the last few years, visual content from networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and video services .

Success with social media and content promoting needs additional listening and fewer talking. Browse your target audience’s on-line content and be part of discussions to be told what’s vital to them.

Social media and content promoting success doesn’t happen long.  It’s way more probably that you’ll have to be compelled to conceive to the end of the day to realize results

Do not publish your content so disappear. Be accessible to your audience. Systematically publish content and participate in conversations.

Google+ is one of the important factor for seo ranking. Establish Verified Google+ Authorship for your content.

Hummingbird Update and Its Effects

Hummingbird, that is that the name of Google's latest algorithm update, is meant to produce users with relevant search results.

The name "Hummingbird" refers to the quick, precise search technique. Google often updates its algorithms to make sure that its users have access to the simple accurate search results and to continue providing their users with the simplest service. Humming bird is meant to provide relevancy in search terms and to return better results. Humming bird update is paying more attention to each query and whole sentence is taken into account instead of particular words.

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