Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google Celebrated their 15th birthday on September 26th 2013 they announced about new search algorithm named “Hummingbird algorithm”. This new algorithm affected 90% of searches worldwide and it is based on semantic search. This algorithm impacting general search quality, but instead, focuses on data recovery and how data is accessed and presented to users.

Hummingbird is paying a lot of attention to every word in a query guaranteeing that the whole query – the complete sentence which means is taken into consideration, instead of specific words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better than matching few words.

Hummingbird Algorithm Update 
Google's Hummingbird Algorithm
Google Hummingbird Algorithm

  • Keep your site updated with original and high quality content.
  • Avoid black hat SEO techniques like hiding text,cloaking and keyword stuffing.
  • Have relevant back links linking to your website.
  • Share your content in top social networks like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.,

  This update is related to search queries obviously it for long tail queries where Google want to provide a better result for more complex search queries. This algorithm makes the searches more user-friendly maintains relevancy in search terms.

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