Social Media Buttons

Social media is now everywhere, changing the way human conveys. Thus, requirements for group social media buttons are raised within web group especially web designer who makes commercial site or idea. Add social media buttons to your website so that visitors can discover you elsewhere on the web. Here are step-by-step guidelines. Social media buttons allows you to discuss your product with the world. Social media buttons for easy sharing on your website. In Blogger

  1.  Login to your blogger dashboard 
  2. In design select layout and select add gadget, click on HTML/JavaScript.
  3. New  small window is opened there copy and paste the following code and save. Find out and choose the HTML/Java gadget.
  4.  Insert your code into the Content box. You can keep the title blank, or you can add a title like, "SEO Tips" or whatever you want to say about your buttons.
  5. Save and you are completed. Appreciate it on your web page.
    Floating Social Media Buttons
    Social Media Buttons 

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