Google PageRank Update August 2012

Google updated toolbar PageRank on 2nd August 2012 for many websites. This new update has started showing new PageRank for all the websites .The last update was on 3rdMay and third last was on 6th February. Google updates quarterly after every three months. The next Google update and the last update of this year will be in November 2012.Google page rank is measured from 0 to 10.If a webpage is having 10/10 page rank then it is very important and a webpage with page rank of 0/10 is not that much important. Always try to get back links from related niches for faster crawl index rate for better chances to increase PageRank and traffic.

Google PageRank Update
Google PageRank Update


Importance of  PageRank

PageRank is the important algorithm by Google which measures the website popularity in terms of PageRank and AlexaRank. Google gives more important to your quality content and PageRank depends upon the quality links pointing to your domain.

Try these steps to increase PageRank to your website.

  1.    Update your website frequently because search engines love fresh content.
  2.    Guest post on blogs with  PR>3.
  3.    Make sure that your blog contains 25 quality posts.
  4.    Always see that your post contain at least 1000 words.
  5.    Add videos and images to make the posts more attractive.

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