Digg SEO Tips

Promote your website through Digg


Digg is the most popular content sharing and social news site. Digg drive lot of traffic to your website. Digg helps you to find interesting posts and sharing submissions. Digg is social networking website help you to promote your links.

Digg methodology is  very simple  just  Join through Facebook account or with Twitter or by using your email address. Submit your posts by clicking “ Submit Link “ and submit a story by entering the URL  with short description by selecting appropriate category that page fits in. Once you have selected your category enter the code at the bottom and follow the rest of the pages to complete your story upload.

Digg seo tips

Each and every submission is start for all Digg users and other users can dig and hide those submissions. Most of the submissions are content which has a very high come of back links.Digg is a social networking site used to set up your network of buddies who can help you enhance your links.

Publish useful articles to the area of interest you desired to promote. Upgrade your website with exciting content often so that you can auto-submit content to Digg by including an RSS to your site. Digg pages are extremely rated in Google. When guests find the pages you published, they can easily click through to your website which gives you immediate traffic.

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