Google Penguin Update

 Google Penguin Update 2012

The Penguin Update released on Apr 24, 2012. It is a code name for a Search engines formula update. Penguin Update that means Search engines will position every one web page again based on the Quality of the web page. This formula change is to narrow out those internet sites which is far too enhanced. Penguin update reduces down on spam links. Penguin Update is SEO over optimization charge. The update is targeted at reducing SERPS of internet sites that breach Google’s Website owner Recommendations by using black-hat SEO techniques such as search term filling, hiding, doing link techniques, planned development of copy content.

Google Penguin Update
Google Penguin Update

To examine if your website has been suffering from Google Penguin Update:
  1.     Look Page Ranking
  2.     Look Search Position for your Top keywords
  3.     Look Listed Pages
  4.     Observe your natural traffic
  5.     Look top getting pages.

    Guidelines to recover from Penguin Updates:

      1. Prevent Copy Material 
      2.  Keyword Stuffing
      3.  Prevent hidden text or shifty redirects.
      4.  Don’t load webpages with irrelevant keywords.
      5.  Clean up link trash on your website and on-page trash .
      6.   Prevent bad hyperlinks.
      7.  Quality hyperlinks and they should be appropriate to your website.
      8.  Don't make multiple webpages, sub websites, or websites with significantly duplicate  content.
      9.     Don't make webpages with malicious behavior, such  installing viruses, trojan's.
      10.     If your website participates in an program, provide unique and appropriate content that gives users to visit your website.
      11.  Prevent webpages created  for google such as online programs with  no original content.

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