Backlinks in SEO


Incoming links, also known as back links  are the backbone of look for search  engine positioning. Incoming links are links on other internet sites that lead back to your website.

In order for a website to be on the top of Google like Google the website must have:
  1. Links from high position websites
  2. Quality location of the back link on the resource website
  3. Correct format of the back links on the resource website
  4. Links from internet sites with similar subject relevant links
  5. Alignment of several back links to create more powerful results
  6. Fairly large number of back links.
    high PR backlinks
     Backlinks in SEO

    Types of Backlinks

    There are three kinds of back links :
    1. Internal links are the ones connecting between the webpages of your website.These   links are crucial to improve the relevance of your webpages.
    2. Inbound links are the ones directing to your website from other internet sites. Back-links will determine the relevance and the popularity of your website, will affect the position of your website in Google.
    3. Outbound links are the ones directing from your website to other internet sites and improve the trust rank of a web page and  improve the relevance of the site.

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