Search Engine Optimization

     How Search Engines Work

Search engine spiders crawl and look what is there in the Web . This process is conducted by a application, known as a spider or Google bot . Robots adhere to hyperlinks from one web page to another and catalog everything they discover on their way. Having in thoughts the variety of webpages on the Web over 20 billion it is difficult for a examine to check out a website everyday just to see if a new web page has showed up or if an current web page has been customized, sometimes spiders may not end up viewing your website for monthly or two.  

search engine optimization techniques
Search Engine Optimization 

We have to  examine what a spider recognizes from your website. As already described, spiders are not people and they do not see pictures, Display films, JavaScript, supports, password-protected webpages and internet directories, so if you have plenty of these on your website, you'd better run the Examine Simulation below to see if these offerings are readable by the spider. If they are not readable, they will not be spidered  not listed, not prepared in a term they will be non-existent for Google.

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